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Diatom of the Month August 2018 - Diatoms and large scale conservation ecology in the Okavango River, Botswana

On this month´s Diatom of the Month series of blog posts, Mia Otto explains how diatoms may inform conservation actions in one of the most ecologically important South African waters, the Okavango Delta and its river.Diatoms and large scale conservation ecology in the Okavango River, Botswanaby Mia Otto* Large scale ecosystem conservation and management are quickly becoming the focal points of sustainable development and associated policy and decision-making processes world-wide. Especially in Africa, where freshwater resources often cut across political boundaries, the management and conservation responsibilities are often not well defined or easy to manage. One such complex ecosystem is the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the largest of only three inland deltas on the continent and the only one emptying into a semi-desert region, the Kalahari. Figure 1.The panhandle section of the Okavango River remains vulnerable to unsustainable upstream development[1], anthropogenic disturbances and u…

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