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Diatom of the Month 2018 - Diatoms of North America

Diatoms of North America, a unique resource for scientists and managers Which technician, scientist or practitioner has never used Google to look for useful images to identify their diatom specimens? In 2010, a new diatom online flora, “Diatoms of the United States” was launched to document diatom genera and species in the United States, as well as North America. Since then, the quality of images and descriptions and the number of contributed species have consistently increased thus supporting correct identification of diatoms. In 2018, the Version 2, called “Diatoms of North America”, was completed with design improvement and new dynamic tools based on feedback from practitioners. Diatoms of North America is a collaborative effort to document the diversity of diatom species in North America and provide accurate information on diatom identification, ecology and distribution (Spaulding et al. 2018). This unique online platform helps federal, tribal, state and local agencies assess thei…

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