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Inscription to the Workshops at the International Diatom Symposium in Berlin (June 30th 2018)

First announcement:

Dear young diatomists,

As you may already know, we have been organizing a workshop day at the end of the International Diatom Symposium in Berlin (June 30th). As you voted, the topics that will be taught are:

In the morning:How to publish and review a paper, by Eileen CoxDNA Taxonomy, by Edward Theriot and David G. MannIn the afternoon: Ecology and Bioindication, by Maria Kahlert and Rosa TrobajoPaleoecology and Statistics, by Suzanne McGowan and TBA.
We have already prepared a way for you to inscribe to our workshop, via the Google Form (link). Please feel free to register to those 2 workshops that you feel most interested by.  Keep in mind, that the workshops will be given in parallel sessions, so that you will not be able to attend to the two of either morning or afternoon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Young Diatomists core team.

We will be happy to count on you for our workshops!