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Launch of the Speedtalk registrations

News on the IDS front: we are launching the Speedtalk inscription for the International Diatom Symposium in Berlin.
What are speedtalks? Speedtalks are a way to convey your passion about your (diatom) topic in ANY WAY YOU WANT. Either talk, present, rhyme, dance, relate, describe, paint, do a micro-stand up... about a topic concerning diatoms in under 3 minutes. It is a fun way to explain your research (or other stuff about diatoms that you are anxious to share), and you can win fun prizes! Any of you that were at Quebec know, how fun these presentations can be.
If we have whetted your appetite and you think you would want to do this fun activity in the International Diatom Symposium, please, subscribe here
If you are interested, but want more information, please write to

Diatom of the month - February 2018: Aulacoseira baicalensis

by Sarah Roberts*
Lake Baikal (Siberia, Russia) contains 1/5th of the world’s freshwater and is thus the largest freshwater lake by volume. This ancient lake is over 25 million years old, it harbours many endemic species, and its ecosystem and water quality areincreasingly threatened by rising anthropogenic activity. Recent studies have found shoreline pollution at Lake Baikal, with blooms of algae indicative of eutrophic conditions; this littoral water deterioration is a result of nutrient enrichment from outdated sewage treatment plants from shoreline settlements (Timoshkin et al., 2016). However, we do not know the extent of the pollution and whether the pelagic regions are now eutrophic. Sedimentary diatom assemblages at Lake Baikal have been extensively studied in the past, with palaeolimnological studies investigating the impacts of pollution and climate change on diatom community composition (Mackay et al., 1998) and predicting future diatom assemblage change with lake warming (…

Extension of the Student Travel Awards for the IDS Berlin deadline

The deadline for the Student travel awards has been extended to February 15th 2018.
Remember that the requisits are: What you need to do is the following: Sending… 

An Abstract of your presentation (TALK) to be held at the ConferenceA description of your current work including a list of your publications, your current employment status and any other relevant information (for example research collaboration) as well as your motivation to attend the IDS 2018Your contact details (postal and email address)A financial statement, which should list the total costs (in Euro) of your travel to BerlinShort statement of your supervisor or one referee

.... via email attachment by February 15th!!!!
More information on the IDS Webpage (