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Diatom of the Month - April 2018: Diatoma tenuis

by Mira Tammelin*
The road meanders through snow-covered forests and between frozen lakes (Figure 1). What a perfect day in a winter wonderland! Or is it?

Figure 1. Winter wonderland in the boreal forest of Finland (Photo by Mira Tammelin).
Worrisome findings have been made recently in North America about the large-scale salinization and alkalinization of fresh surface waters not only in arid regions, but also in temperate, humid areas (Dugan et al., 2017; Kaushal et al., 2018). Kaushal et al. (2018) talked about freshwater salinization syndrome as the result of anthropogenic salt inputs (e.g. from road de-icing), accelerated weathering, and increased biological alkalinization. If left unmanaged, this syndrome may threaten the biodiversity and ecosystem services of freshwaters (Dugan et al., 2017; Castillo et al., 2018; Kaushal et al., 2018). For instance, Kaushal et al. (2005) estimated that many surface waters in the northeastern United States could become impotable and toxic to aquat…