International Diatom Symposium 2018

The International Diatom Symposium started on June 25th in Berlin. A first keynote by Peter Kroth of the university of Konstanz set the tone talking of diatom physiology-ecology and the relationships of the bacillariophytes and their xenic cohabitants. It was followed by a keynote given by Niels Kröger about silica-formation in diatoms. Postersessions were held in the afternoon. The Symposium was structured into a taxonomic and phylogenetic main day on Tuesday, followed by a day dedicated to these topics in addition to diatom biogeography, Thursday contained presentations around bioindication (morphological and metabarcoding) and Friday was dedicated to paleoclimatology and brackish and marine environments, that were given in parallel sessions.

Young diatomists participated not only in the symposium (winning the student talks and posters, for instance), but also by having a joined meeting and several after-symposium activities. The speedtalks, that were made on Thursday and were an enormous success, due to the impressive creativity of the participants.
(pictures from the ISDR facebook page, thanks to Oscar Romero)
As expected, the impressive multiplatform performance of Jaroslav Pedzinsky was the winner of this contest, followed by another singing number (Andrea Burfeid) and a beautifully drawn story on the search for a family (Lina Ahn). The speedtalks will also be publicized in this blog.

The General Meeting of the International Society of Diatom Research thanked the outgoing president, Mark Edlund, and welcomed the incoming president, Rick Jordan, that used his presentation to welcome us to the next International Diatom Symposium, that will take place in Yamagata (Japan) 2020. The Central European Diatom Meeting, which has this year been included into the IDS, will be in Luxembourg next year. Other changes in the council included the substitution of Sarah Davies by Ingrid Jüttner as secretary and the promotion of Rosa Trobajo to vice-president of the ISDR. Andrea Burfeid had been elected on Thursday to be the new ECR, adding a new post to the council of the outgoing ECR, which will still be Hannah Vossel. This way, an overlap and learning curve will be included into the Early Career Researchers representative posts.

The gala dinner was held in a greenhouse of the Botanical Garden in Berlin and underlined the Mexican tone of the symposium ending with a mariachi band playing their songs.

On Saturday, the Young Diatomists workshops were held in the Botanical Museum. Even though there were some technical difficulties, the experience has been seen by many as a success. Young diatomists which participated in the workshop will have access to the presentations given by the lecturers.

If you took part and have pictures that you would like to add (or just want to see the images), please send us an email to youngdiatomists!

All in all, we want to thank the organizers and participants of the International Diatom Symposium in Berlin!


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