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Diatom of the Month October 2018 - Discostella stelligera

Antonia Law makes the Diatom of the Month October 2018 writing about Discostella stelligera and how challenging is to tell apart environmental controls on species' occurrence and abundance in lake sedimentsDiscostella stelligera (Krammer and Lange-Bertalot 2000; Houk and Klee 2004), formerly Cyclotella stelligera, is a small (< 10┬Ám) planktonic, centric diatom (Figure 1) commonly found in Arctic, Alpine, tropical and temperate lakes. This diatom species, along with other members of the Discostella family is a fascinating, but problematic diatom for palaeolimnologists. Increasing abundances of D. stelligera have been observed with atmospheric temperature increases in northern hemisphere lakes (e.g. in the Northwest Territories, Canada; Smol et al., 2005) due to a longer ice-free period and associated increases in nutrients (Anderson et al., 1996; Ruhland et al., 2003) and changes in mixing depth and light availability (Saros et al., 2015). However, in lakes in south western Gre…