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Freshwater Algae course (June 22nd to 30th 2017) in Kindrogan (Scotland) by Eileen Cox.
NHM course on Freshwater Ecology (tangencial diatom knowledge)
NHM course on Quaternary Palaeoecology (tangencial diatom knowledge)
Time uncertain data analysis (age-depth models) - GeoChronR Project (paleolimnology diatom knowledge) August 16-18, 2017 Northern Arizona University. Apply here


August 6-10th 2018, Iowa Lake Lab at Milton, Iowa (USA). 

6th Polar Marine Diatom Workshop

As Beth Cassie states in her email: "The Polar Marine Diatom Workshop is an interactive workshop that combines longer, microscope-based taxonomy and morphology sessions with shorter research talks and posters. We aim to have an integrated, participatory group of highly-experienced senior-level, mid-career, and early career scientists combined with graduate and undergraduate students. The workshop is focused on diatom taxonomy and paleoceanographic applications of diatoms from both polar regions."

If you are interested in it, you can find more information here, or state your interest by filling out this form by April 15th 2018.

July 9-13th 2018, St. Joseph, Michigan Workshop for Algal Taxonomy, Identification and Ecology (PHYCOTECH)

As Ann St. Amand states in her email:"Each day will consist of lectures on various topics including methodology, algal divisions, recent changes to taxonomy, HABS, and differences in approaches to taxonomic classification. There will be multiple microscope sessions in which participants will view preserved and live specimens while receiving hands‐on training in identification.   Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own samples for analysis.   There will be time to discuss any specific taxonomic and management issues that are encountered in your system.  Maximum workshop attendance is 12, but seats are still available.": Algal Taxonomy and Ecology Workshop Registration Form

June 30th 2018, Berlin, Germany (Europe)

Young Diatomists Workshops in the 25th International Diatom Symposium

  • How to publish and review a paper (E. Cox)
  • DNA-Taxonomy (E. Theriot & D. G. Mann)
  • Ecology and Bioindication (R. Trobajo & M. Kahlert)
  • Paleoecology and Statistics (S. McGowan)


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