Diatom Jobs (PhD, PostDoc, etc...)

PHD opportunity: FULLY FUNDED OPPORTUNITY at the University of Newcastle. Metabarcoding in Diatom Biomonitoring. APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 31st.

From Diatom-L:
    1. Broad Algae Jobs:
      • Taxonomist job in private firm for algae taxonomist. Main job will be
        to process both Diatom and Soft Algae samples. Preference will be given to those who demonstrate experience and knowledge of both types. Duties include identification of samples in a production environment and data summarization for reporting to clients. Job advertisment is attached.

Others (tangentially diatom based):

  • University of Cyprus has announced 10 advanced post-doctoral researcher fellowships. You can read about the specific information, requirements and obligations at: see link In case there is interest in working with us at Nireas-International Water Research Center of the University of Cyprus in the field of wastewater treatment and reuse (including also analysis), do not hesitate to contact Young Diatomists for redirection to the contact person

  • New job in the Applied Ecology and Phycology group in Rostock. Subject of this 36 month half-day job is mainly in biocrust microalgae taxonomy. If you are interested, the deadline is April 30th. (Warning: pdf link in German)


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