Funding opportunities

Funding for courses and congresses.

Funding schemes for all ECRs
ECR central:

1. Funding schemes for postdoctoral fellowships 

    • GitHub community-curated list of postdoctoral fellowships.

2. Funding of the British Phycological Society
    • Congress, meeting and project funds.

3. Funding of the American Phycological Society

4. Funding of the International Phycological Society
    • Feldman fund, economical help to join the IPS for scientists from countries in political and/or economical distress.
    • Silva travel grants for students. Up to 500$/year for 8 students of this organization.
5. European Federation for Freshwater Sciences
    • Call for Collaborative Research for Young Researchers in Limnology across Europe 
6. The Systematics Association
    • Research funding for small systematic and taxonomic projects
7. Journal [Water] (via Ecology-L)
8. Funding for Early Career Researchers (sent by PAGES)
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