Networking Projects for young Researchers

Creating a Young ISDR Network

We need to create a worldwide Young ISDR network. We want to help young diatomists (researchers and technicians) to connect and share information about their research, job offers, symposia and congresses, workshops and everything they could think of. For it, we need VOLUNTEERS. We do not want to be overly Europe and North American centric, so please, if you work or study in another part of the world (or even in the same) and want to be a part of this networking experience, contact us at !

We need:
  • Advertising for the Young ISDR
  • Blog posts (about your research/work/...)
  • Help in the organization of activities for Young ISDR at congresses
  • Help with the email and ISDR logo contest
  • Help with the Young ISDR website
  • Suggestions !!!


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