Hannah Vossel, Early Career Representative of the International Society of Diatom Research. Palaeoecologist & Geologist
I am currently a PhD student & "young lecturer" at the University of Bonn. My research focus is the usage of fossilized diatoms in lacustrine sediment cores for the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments and  palaeoclimate during the Holocene in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially Israel.
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Xavier Benito-Granell, coordinator. Aquatic ecologist.
I study aquatic ecosystems across different time and spatial scales. My research interest lies on the interface between limnology and biogeography. Diatoms are at the core of my research. Particularly, I´m interested to see how communities respond to macro ecological patterns.
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Andrea Burfeid, coordinator. Aquatic Ecologist. 
I am currently working on my PhD, researching the effect of macro-ecology on diatom communities. I study their taxonomic, bioindicative, morphometric and ecologically functional reactions to changes in freshwater traits throughout a 10-year sampling effort. My main interest is the holistic observation of diatom ecology through time.


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