About Young ISDR / Young Diatomists

The idea for "Young diatomists/Young ISDR" was created at the European Geosciences Union general assembly in Vienna in 2015 as a possibility of bringing the energy of early-career researchers and technicians dealing with diatom research into the council of the International Society of Diatom Research (ISDR). The aim was to create a platform for early career scientists and technicians in order to facilitate networking for them. Hannah Vossel prepared activities for the International Diatom Symposium (IDS) 2016 in Québéc such as the first Young Diatomist Meeting including a speedtalk session and the election.

During the IDS 2016 Québéc, Hannah was elected as the new Early-Career Representative (ECR) and with the aid of Xavier Benito started creating the network of early career researchers. In 2017 Andrea Burfeid was added to the newly created Young ISDR core team. This core of people started creating the network presence of the Young diatomists.

Twitter: young_ISDR
Facebook: Diatomi discipuli
email: youngdiatomists@gmail.com
Google groups network: youngdiatomists@googlegroups.com

Here, young diatomists (including early-career researchers and technicians) can share publications, job offers and blog posts about ongoing diatom researchor get in contact with each other.

The Young ISDR core team also organized several activities at the IDS 2018 in Berlin including an informal get-together, speed-talk sessions, a day full of post-conference workshops and again elections for an new ECR. During the general ISDR meeting, a new system for the ECRs was established, adding a second ECR to the council, increasing the imprint of the ECR in it. Thus, since then, the 4 year ECR running time is set to overlap with the next ECR. At each International Diatom Symposium a new ECR will be elected to learn the ropes from the previous ECR and then teach them to the next elected. During IDS Berlin Andrea Burfeid was elected as new ECR in addition to Hannah Vossel as outgoing ECR. 

The next ECR will be elected in Yamagata 2020.


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