Diatom of the Month Series

“The “Diatom of the Month” project is a monthly series of blog posts on diatoms, precious primary producers, and invaluable indicators of environmental change at different spatial and temporal scales. The aims are:
1) to create a new channel of simplified and rapid communication among taxonomists, biologists, ecologists about, e.g. new discoveries;
2) to raise awareness about the importance of diatoms among a broad audience, including students of different disciplines, policy makers, and the general public.
This blog series was started in November 2015 by Dr. Luca Marazzi, Postdoctoral Associate in Evelyn Gaiser’s lab at Florida International University, as part of the outreach initiative of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research program, and thus hosted on the FCE LTER “Wading through research” graduate student blog. Twenty-two posts have been published on that outlet, while you can find the last one and the upcoming posts right here on the Young Diatomists blog.
The idea is to widely share the “Diatom of the Month” posts to enhance communication about diatom biology, taxonomy, ecology, diatom art, and so on to increase global awareness about these important and beautiful algae. Contributions and ideas that fulfill the aims stated above can be sent to ‘lmarazzi@fiu.edu’.
Blog posts targeted to specialists can be submitted and published, but ideally most articles / features would appeal to a much broader audience, including people who may have never heard of diatoms before. Each blog post is usually ~500-800 words, contains a few pictures / figures, and a few references and hyperlinks to interesting additional information and sources. 
Please help us spread the word in your networks and on social media!

The list below contains the blog posts of the "Diatom of the Month":


  1. September 2017 - Rhabdonema adriaticum
  2. October 2017 - Lindavia comensis complex
  3. November 2017 - The Digitized Diatom New Taxon File (DNTF) of the Academy of Natural Sciences 
  4. December 2017 - Water quality monitoring challenges 


  1. January 2018 - South American diatoms
  2. February 2018Aulacoseira baicalensis
  3. March 2018 - Afrocymbella barkeri
  4. April 2018 - Diatoma tenius
  5. May 2018 - Coscinodiscus granii
  6. June 2018 - Achnanthes felinophila
  7. July 2018 - Ecological uniqueness
  8. August 2018 - Diatoms and Okavango River
  9. September 2018 - Diatoms at aquatic ecology conferences
  10. October 2018 - Discostella stelligera


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