Results of the ISDR/IUBS Student Travel Award
The results of the Student Awards are up! Finally, 49 young Diatomists have taken part contesting for 8.800 € granted by the ISDR and IUBS. The awards will go mostly toward travelling fees, and include the inscription fee to the International Diatom Symposium in Berlin (25-30th of June).

If you have been awarded with one of the 25 awards given to Young Diatomists, we would like you to contact us to tell us about your experience. Don't forget to prepare your talk! :)

Congratulations to the winners!

Now some statistical data: from the 25 awards, 17 have gone to female Young diatomists.
Most Student Travel Awards have gone to Doctoral students (18). Followed by Postdoctoral researchers (5) and Master students (2).

Here, you can see how many Student Awards have gone to researchers from each continent (Europe divided into East and West).
Finally, depending on factors such as the quality of abstract, financial need, academic excellence and completeness of application, students could receive financial help for Registration (R), Travel (T) and Accommodation (A). Most have gotten Travel and Registration help.
Again, huge congratulations to the winners!
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