Big news! CONTEST: We are searching for a new logo for the International Society of Diatom Research

Dear fellow young diatomists,

Our parent organization, the International Society of Diatom Research (ISDR) is looking for a new logo. And the decision has been to start a contest. Please feel free to participate if you are a creative young diatomist.

What you need: 

  • an idea to represent what the ISDR means to you in a picture/infography that is informative to the non-knowing. Be creative! After those Speedtalks at the IDS, we know you are!
  • we recommend that you WATERMARK YOUR DESIGN, so that people know whose it is and so it will not be used by other people unknowingly. 
  • Send your design to our email ( in a vector style graphic. It will be used in publications, media and so on.
  • DEADLINE is on October 31st 2018.

  • The images will be published in THIS BLOG using a google form so that people can vote for the best design.  
  • The prize is a free registration to the next IDS meeting in Yamagata 2020!


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